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Simon S
Founder member
(17th Sept 2013)

Jamie McGreal   (a.k.a.  JMG) 
(17th Sept 2013)

Ray Patriotic
(Joined 30th Sept 2013)

DJing back to the late 70's....heavily involved in the mod scene then and first London mod on the scene to play Northern Soul at his clubs.
Ran the Mildmay in Dalston, London N1 and then went on to do the Seabright Arms in Hackney E9, interspersed with a Friday night one off Soul do at Stoke Newington town hall, all this in 1979-1981. Moved across to Ilford and ran a few short lived clubs there - Barons in Ilford and the Old Maypole in Barkingside. Then the most succesfull were the alldayers organised at Ilford Palais in 1982 along with Eddie Piller & Tony Matthews, and then followed by a straight year at the Regency in Chadwell Heath which was packed out every Monday & Friday. Other clubs followed with Lords in Ilford and 52nd Street in Piccadilly. Sounds played were 60's and Northern Soul, Jazz, Rockin R'n'B, Latin......over the past few years been regularly DJing at the IOW festivals in August, Ricky Tick guest spots in Chichester, spots in London - Fulham, Spitalfields, Oxford circus - back to Ilford, Northampton all weekend festival, summer madness in Chi and of course Woodies!.....will play an infectious cross section of dance beats and have you out there on the dancefloor!

Paul Homer & Mark Howard (Ska-Beat-Soul)
(Joined 30th January 2014)

Ska-Beat-Soul brings you all the very best in 60's Ska, Soulful Rocksteady & Boss Reggae, all on 100% heavyweight vinyl.

Formed during the Summer of 2013 after playing records in the safety of the front room, Ska-Beat-Soul is now a duo. Paul Homer - a collector of all things Skinhead Reggae for over twenty years, & Mark Howard, an early 60's Ska fanatic for most of his life!!
After the first set in April in the home city of Chichester, other gigs soon followed, including supporting top acts such as The Lee Thompson Ska Orchestra & The Beat, as well as playing festivals such as The Great Skinhead Reunion & Ska Aid. A regular Reggae night in Woodies, Chichester is also fast becoming a date in everyone's diary.


Mixcloud - Ska-Beat-Soul

Facebook Group -

Adrian (a.k.a. Adie)

(Joined 23rd July 2014)

Adrian started Djing as a resident at Empire (Bognor) in 1992, playing along side big names such as Carl Cox, Tony Humphries and Empire favourites Femi B & Rob Acteson. Adrian played in other local clubs Gators & Wave Nation building up a following of local support.

1997 saw the birth of UK Garage and Adrian was taken under the wing of the Dreem Teem's Timmi Magic, securing a residency at the Powerhouse (Hackney) & playing in various other clubs  throughout London ( Frog & Nightgown, Imperial gardens, Sun City). Around this time Adrian ran a successful night at Empire "Under Vibe" drawing on London's top talent - Tuff Jam, Dreem Teem etc.

Due to an expanding family and developing career, playing out took a back seat for a while, but didn't stop Adrian amassing a large record collection and Djing at small private parties.

Adrian has starting playing out on a more regular basis, LURK, Bognor Rox & Woodies to name a few.
Adrian's love for house music will hopefully transfer to his show for your listening pleasure, playing a blend of past, present & future sounds

Nic Tangs Dunnaway 
(Joined 17th March 2017)

Nic got the DJ bug whilst working in Greece in the early 90's.

Since then he has played at Worthing Music Mania, 
Bognorphenia Annual Weekender,  Soul Sunday,  BWM Scooter Rallying Back From The Grave playing alongside The Truth, Stone Foundation,  The Electric Stars,  Bad Manners,  From The Jam,  The Chords,  Russ Winstanley,  Geno Washington,  The Circles,  The Beat, The Ruts,  The Spitfires and many more. 

His musical tastes are wide and varied and the show will echo that.   Expect to hear anything and everything from The Small Faces to Happy Mondays,  Joy Division to Screaming Lord Sutch,  Marvin Gaye to Guru Josh. 

There will be no defining genre just good rocking tunes.. !

Although not forgetting a big thanks to . .

StevieO (a.k.a. Steve OMahoney)
(9th Oct 2013 - 16th April 2014)

Stevie started getting into DJing at the tender age of 17 with the Champagne Roadshow with his big brother Mike. They were playing music across the board, but always tried to get the crowd going by digging into the soul crates. By the time Stevie was twenty he was getting his groove on via Reflections Radio, a small pirate radio station coming out of Hackney, East London and luckily managed to get away before they were busted.

In 1995 Stevie moved out to Tenerife where he soon found work in a busy party bar, Rumours, as the resident joke ( sorry Jock ), working the crowd with his witty banter and down right abuse. Ibiza called and the DJing continued, working at Planet Football by night and Cafe Mambo by day dropping chilled out beats and smooth soul.
Stevie still has his hand in the entertainment industry, but his love for Soul, Jazz, House beats and the unusual still come through in his shows.
Eclectic and generally staying away from the obvious is how Stevie see’s his shows. But you decide !

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