Wednesday, 9 October 2013

That was the week that was . . . . . .

That was the week that was . . . . . . 

After four weeks ten shows and with four DJ's the beginning of CSR has been very exciting !

I can't begin to thank the listeners enough for their support - it really could not have happened without YOU  - the ChiSoul family.

So what happens next . ?

Well, next Monday Ray Patriotic will turn out week 3 of his 'looooovvvvvveeeee' show and play endless quality 7" live n direct from the love of his kitchen !

Tuesday, I return - following Jamie JMG McGreal at 6.30 - with both our shows dedicated to the re-opening of Woodies Wine Bar. Matt the owner, is especially pleased that after a disastrous fire back in May, that Woodies refurbishment has been completed.

And so it continues with more Wednesday magic from StevieO and his Soul Sanctuary show  

I remain breathless yet excited as we move into the second month since launch and with so many events and so many shows - please keep us all up to date with your feedback. Onward and upwards.

Simon S

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