Thursday, 26 September 2013

Breaking News - Introducing . . . . . StevieO - Steve OMahoney !

I can say that I am delighted that StevieO will be officially joining CSR to broadcast his own weekly show.  

StevieO has an eclectic look at the world of soul, never been known to play anthems - Mr O is bound to keep you guessing and amused with his sharp wit and unique style. 

Even before the birth of ChiSoul Radio StevieO introduced me into the world of online broadcasting and I am overwhelmed that he has decided to join us

Despite leaving his existing station I will be forever grateful to Radio789 for their own contribution to the soul scene   I know Mr O will find the transition smooth whilst a tad emotional 

Read his full bio under the profile tab. 

Join StevieO on Wednesdays commencing 9th October at 8pm- 10pm 

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